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Perfect Chips Tomato, Basil & Sweet chili

Popped chips for an ultra-crispy aperitif. Because an aperitif doesn’t have to rhyme with guilt, at N.A! we’ve concocted some deliciously crunchy chips deliciously crispy chips that you can feel in your mouth. The Perfect Chips will sublimate your  aperitif and delight your guests.

Close your eyes, crunch and let yourself be surprised by our tomato, basil & sweet pepper recipe!

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Average nutritional information per 100g

Energy : 1642kj / 389kcal

Fat: 7,7g

of which saturated fat : 1,1g

Carbohydrates : 70g

of which sugars : 3,3g

Proteins : 7,1g

Salt : 2g

Soo crispy !

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