Discovery Box

You don’t know from where to start ? It’s normal, let us help you out with our Discovery Box with all of our different sweet and salty products ranges !

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Discovery Box containing 17 sweet and salty [N.A!] products. 

This box contains:

  • Crisp’peas Tomato Basil 50g
  • Crisp’peas Cream Onion 50g
  • Rice Crackers Black pepper 70g
  • Rice Crackers Original 70g
  • Rice Crackers Paprika 70g
  • Rice Crackers Cheese 70g
  • Tortilla Pops Sweet Chili 80g
  • Tortilla Pops  Original 80g
  • Fruit Sticks Cherry 40g
  • Fruit Sticks Blueberry 40g
  • Fruit Sticks Raspberry 40g
  • Fruit Sticks Apple 40g
  • Fruit Sticks Strawberry 40g
  • Fruit Sticks Passion mango 40g
  • My Mix Essential 40g
  • Fruit Rolls Raspberry
  • Funny Fruits Strawberry

Be Nature, Stay happy !

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