OurGames and Good NAttitudes

Our  Games and Good NAttitudes

Welcome to the Good NAttitudes !

At [N.A!] We are always thinking about making snacks that are as close to nature as possible. For our new range of children snacks we had some ethos; but we wanted to introduce fun and activity into the mix. We have some old family favourites that you may remember yourself playing as a child that will help to get the little ones moving and enojying the outdoors.

The Games 

The Memory Game :  Our Ti’Fruits are so good that it would be a shame to forget them, so we’ve found a solution : Click, Print and Cut, and you are ready to play with our Ti’Fruits Memory game. (print it on a more rigid paper to make it sturdier)

Colouring: Grab your colours and imagine our Ti’Fruits and let your creativity take control of you !!

Happy Families: Here at [N.A!] we are a big family, that has come to create a game that is like us! Print our cards and get ready to have fun 🙂 Who are you going to look like ?

Spot the difference: Do you really know our Ti’Fruits ? We challenge you to find the differences between the two images by clicking right now on them

The Black Cat: Who will end up with the sugar cube? The goal of the game is to make pairs, but make sure you’re not left with the sugar cube : You will lose if you do!

Simply download our Good NAttitudes ideas and lets try …

Let's play !

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